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Anatomy of a great Log Fireplace Mantle!
Log wood fireplace mantel shelves from North Shore are more than just a slab of wood. Half logs are so much more natural in appearance. The custom contouring ensures the support logs blend beautifully. Each part of the process is carefully planned out and masterfully executed for a specific reason.

The result? Unmatched beauty, grace and contour!

 How to Build A Fireplace Mantle

Special features separate North Shore Log Company mantels from all others.

Mantel Features:
Tree Selection - North Shore select trees specifically for fireplace mantels. We have the trees cut and leave them to air dry for approximately two years. This allows for the insect activity under the bark adding to the character and charm of our mantles.
Sizing - A number of sizes and lengths are cut allowing us to inventory mantles for any job or any size. Call us to find out if we have that unusual size you need to make your fireplace look just right!
Half Log Sawing - We use a mobile log sawing company that saw our logs under our scrutiny as we select just the right angle to allow for the optimal character and geometry making your mantel not only beautiful, but a rock solid and practical addition to your environment.
Peeling Cedar - We peel off the Cedar bark after about two years and believe the white cedar offers the very finest in log fireplace mantels.
Stripping or drawing White Pine - The white pine requires stripping with a draw knife (seen below). We typically leave some bark strips on to add to the character. Different designs of stripping can change the look of the pine mantel dramatically. Give us a call now (218-763-4460) to see what great looking designs we have in stock and ready to ship tomorrow!

Support Logs
Matching Pair
 - We take the extra time to cut and match your support logs to not only look alike, but compliment the color and character of the main mantel wood. This is another mark of excellence from North Shore Log.
Matching Symmetry - As the tree naturally narrows from base to top, we must allow for this with the support logs, so you have a level surface on your North Shore mantel.
Cut Out to Level Mantel - The support logs are measured and carefully sized. One is almost always cut differently to allow for the change in log thickness. Although it's very difficult to see, we take the time to make the small adjustments necessary to make your North Shore mantel beautiful, practical and just plain awesome!
Sealed & Contoured junction - Note the photo above right. The interface between the support log and the main mantle is sealed with a colored caulk that becomes almost invisible, but prevents any incursion into the substrate between the wood - another big plus from North Shore Log!  
Finish - We commonly finish the logs with three coats of polyurethane varnish to seal. If you have a specific stain or preferred finish we will gladly ship you an unfinished mantle. Just select unfinished when ordering online or call us for more information.

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